Scholastic & Co-Scholastic Areas

Scholastic & Co-Scholastic

As per the directives of Central Board of Secondary Education and needs of new era are having various scholastic and Co-Scholastic cells in order to instill we practical & Communicative skills among the students.

These are as follows:

Department of Language
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Urdu
  • Sanskrit
Activities conducted under the Department of Languages
Department of Information Technology
Department of Mathematics
Department of Science
Department of Social Science
Department of Library

All the Labs are highly advanced & well equipped with modern technology and have SMART CLASS.

CBSE Result

This year we have a tremendous number of students (74) securing 10 C.G.P.A. in C.B.S.E. which is significant not only for the state but also it has placed Hajipur on the top of the educational map of India. Other than this 35 Students scored 9.8 C.G.P.A. and 32 Student scored 9.6 C.G.P.A. and hence the result has become challenge to the celebrated and distinguished schools in India.

On the day of glory, our principal madam suggested the school. "It is not important to reach on the top but once if you reach it is very crucial to continue the same which is the essence of success."


Excursion is organized every year in the month of December or January to develop understanding that learning is not limited to school

Excursions provide opportunities for students to build onto their understanding of the classroom theory by experiencing the ideas & concepts when applied in practices.

Excursion helps the students to display sensible and reliable behavior at school. Experienced subject teachers are taken in order to communicate the children about the historical importance of monuments, temples, church, mosque, garden, statue, tombs, gurudwara and Hill Stations. Children gain practical approach of their subject matter & utilize those educational resources in their project work and home assignments. Educational trip provides theoretical and practical experience develops knowledge hence helps them improving in their retaining power and elaborating ideas.