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St.Paul's High School is a symbol of Knowledge, Wisdom, Moral, Confidence, Protection, Purity, Courage.
The Present Address of ... Future Champion

From The Director's Desk

Dear Enlightened Parents,
Welcome you and your child to feel / realise a new experience in education. An experience that will imprint a new outlook on your life.

Welcome to St. Paul's High School. As a progressive co-educational learning-centre, we are committed to create individuals who can become a part of an evolving global environment. We have created world class infrastructure and wholesome learning and socialising environment that are innovative and enriching.

Our superior Student Management Policy provides an effective framework to ensure that students are managed with profound respect and assisted to make them informed about appropriate choices for all aspects of their school life. This philosophy enables us to assist students to be responsible, independent thinker and foster an environment that enables both students and facilitators to maximize their learning opportunities.

It has been my consistent efforts to make my students strong in character, sagacious in knowledge and competent in compliance from the last five decades.


The talents, skills and abilities of each student need to be identified, nurtured & encouraged so that She/he could be able to reach at greater heights. So I try to provide a platform to think, express and exhibit their skill on appropriate platforms. I strongly feel to empower them to negotiate several issues which they confront in day to day life. We believe that education is a process that fosters creativity, independent thinking, exploration and experimentation. All without compromising on sound ethical values. My vision distinctly sees St. Paul's High School as that prototype of a school which will emerge as a template for others. We will march ahead with the clarity of mind that "THE POWER OF IGNITED SOUL IS MORE POWERFUL THAN ANY FORCE ON THE EARTH"

I am confident that the School will always be a beacon of light, guiding the destiny of its students and radiating kindness and compassion as it soars high in its pursuit of academic excellence and in the fulfillment of the school's Motto "EMPOWERING EDUCATION WITH SAN SKARA FOR SARVATRA VIJAY"

My educational philosophy is centered on praise, encouragement, enthusiasm, and affection rather than criticism, fear & punishment. I constantly work with In-charges & earnest Principal Mr. V.K.Vicky to develop a sense of discipline & good moral character, where all the students are expected to confirm high disciplinary standards and to develop value of tolerance, fair play, compassion, integrity & fortitude.

We recognize that children come to us as distinct individuals with unique experiences, background, abilities, and interests. Our teachers promote cross-cultural understanding, and differentiate instruction to meet the students' varying needs, abilities, and learning styles. We provide a balanced educational programme within a safe, stimulating environment, so that each child can learn and grow to his/her optimum potential. As independent thinker and learner, our pupils are encouraged to think both critically and creatively with a spirit of cooperation and open-minded enquiry. We focus on the ability to work well in team as well as individually. Through teamwork, pupils will improve their communication skills, cooperative behaviours, and learn to value others.

The adolescents of middle school are embarking on a lifelong task of establishing personal identity and acquiring skills, peer group approval gains importance as they begin to develop their own values and make their own decisions. We offer students a well-balanced programme that promotes physical activity and a healthy lifestyle, as well as exposure to the arts and stimulating academic environment. Although our programme is challenging, but we provide support to those who require it, ensuring that everybody has the potential to succeed. We strive to make each student feel a part of our school through an active participation in school life. Success during the years of High School is vital as it fulfills the future goals and ambition of all our students and their families. Student such various backgrounds and interests. nevertheless have much in common, most notably the motivation to work co-operatively with the faculty and each other is realizing their full potential while they are here. We strive to help all our students for their identity and support their individual goals. Working on the principle of genuine mutual respect, the administration and faculty strive to bring out of the best in each student, encouraging all to achieve their full potential and to realize lots of benefits of attending the school like St.Paul's.


I would like to thank the guardians/ parents of our students for always having bestowed their faith confidence in me which will make me more responsible for the preservation of education, discipline, name and fame.

From the Principal's Desk

We welcome you to St. Paul's High School, with a committment to nurture and equip young learners with the un-common ability of self exploration and development. Our aim is to nurture the children to become confident, sensitive, socially committed individuals, equipped to become young envoys of progress. Our children grow in the best of environment and under the guidance of competent faculty, elements indispensable today for gaining knowledge and understanding.

Over more than five decades of relentless academic endeavour and brilliance, our school has become a much sought after educational institution that has successfully moulded generations of students hailing from diverse ethnic, religious, linguistic and social backgrounds. It has produced and continues to produce eminent personalities in myriad walks of life. Our school has initiated a series of progressive steps to keep pace with the changing times to meet the needs of the students. It can now take pride in the digitalized e- learning solutions in the classrooms and use of student centered learning processes where teachers are more facilitators. Our guiding principle has been the integral development of students with an all out holistic approach, whereas virtue and knowledge is what we passionately strive for.


St. Paul's High School has come up with a vision to provide education with a holistic approach. There is a world that awaits the children...the world of art, the world of music, the world of dance, the world of sports, the world of technology, the world of creativity, the world of engineering, the world of management, a responsible school to give wings to learner's dreams and aspirations to fly to the world of their choice.

When students come to SPHS, they benefit from the spiritual, academic, and extracurricular activities. They're also blessed by the rich opportunities to enjoy the best. It is our deepest hope and prayer that this unique school will become a place what you aspire of. I hope this effort of our minds will serve as a stepping stone towards the many mile stones we have to cover in pursuit of excellence.